Friday, August 2, 2013


July is our busiest month. It seems like we always have so much going on in July with multiple birthdays and holidays! So, technically we didn't go to Bear Lake in July, but we went the very last weekend in June and I haven't documented it yet so I thought I would now.
We took a last minute trip to Bear Lake to hang out with my parents at their cabin. We had so much fun boating, tubing, swimming and playing on the beach. We also did a lot of swinging, hot tubbing and playing in the treehouse, but those photos can be found on instagram. Then the next week it was the 4th of July! One of Ry's favorite holidays.
We spent the 4th doing the usual traditions; East Mill Creek Parade in the morning, as well as the little carnival after where the girls love to get their faces painted. Then we go get some breakfast and get ready to go swimming. Everyone's pooped at that point so we head home to nap everyone before heading back down for the Goodrich BBQ and some fireworks! It ended up being a fun 4th, and the celebration continued that Saturday at the Oakley Rodeo! Landon and Sara had matching cowboy shirts like dad. Sara thought it was pretty cool!
 The next week was Ryan's Birthday! He turned the big 3-0 on the 11th of July! We celebrated by taking a weekend trip to Vegas with my brother Ty and his wife Whitney. We had fun shopping, swimming, gambling, going to a movie and eating!!
The next week the girls had their much anticipated Princess Camp with Belle! I saw it on facebook and knew I had to sign my girls up! (Even if it was in South Jordan ;) it was SO worth it. They both had to wear their Belle princess dress since that's who they were going to see, and they had SO much fun!! They're already talking about going again next year with a different princess.
The week after princess camp was our long awaited planned trip to San Diego with my family!
 We've had this trip planned for almost a year and it ended up being SO much fun!! We all went in on a beach house in Mission Beach right by Belmont Park. All the married couples in my family went with all their kids, and my kids couldn't have had more fun playing with their cousins all day every day! The first day was grocery shopping with the moms while the dad's took the kids to the beach. Then we went to Sand Diego Zoo the next day which was really fun!
It was Amiya's Birthday that day and Sara's the next so we decided to throw a little party for them that night. We sang happy birthday, ate some cake, and opened presents!
Then the next day (and every day after that) we were at the beach!
The kids had fun swimming, boogie boarding, paddle boarding, building sand castles, getting buried, jumping the waves, finding seashells, and catching sand crabs!
We also spent a couple nights at Belmont Park riding rides, playing games and winning prizes! Ryan even got his picture taken with a grand prize because he was winning so much! He won multiple prizes for our girls and even some for a few of the cousins! It was awesome!
It was a sad day leaving San Diego because we really did have so much fun! I loved every minute of it and can't wait for the next trip!
Mimi and Pop with all the grandkids that were there.
Chloe, Noah, Amiya, Lia, Savannah, Malia, Della, Sara, Alyvia, Gwen, Hunter, Landon, and Kasin.

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Lisa and Oliver said...

um... so much freakin fun for the Goodrich family! If I were you, I wouldn't want summer to ever end!