Friday, June 28, 2013


Is Summer not the best thing ever! It is seriously SO fun! Which is the only way to describe our summer so far... I feel like we've had something fun going on every month, or even week! We got summer started early and went on a Family trip to St. George with the Goodrich's in May.
We had fun swimming, playing shuffle board, tennis, and eating! It really was so much fun and everyone had a blast!
We got home and Ryan ran the Ogden Marathon in the pouring rain! Which.... didn't feel too much like summer, but it was still fun to go cheer him on!
The week after it was great weather so we decided to hit up the beach at Pine View..
It was a little windy, but still fun!
Then on May 27th I ran my first race with Ryan and his dad. Nothing too exciting, just a 5k but it was big for me!
May 27th was also Lia's birthday! She turned 2 and we celebrated by going to Build a Bear and getting rid of her binkies. We had her stuff them in her bear before they sewed it up...
And of course her sisters got to join in and make their own stuffed animals too! They loved it!
But I think her most favorite gift of all was the new pink car we got for her! You've never seen anyone so excited as when she saw that new car. It was pretty cute!
It seemed like Summer was officially here when the girls graduated preschool!
I love that they go to the same preschool at Bravo, and Sara will even continue to go to Bravo for Kindergarten we love it so much!
So once summer was really here, we invited some friends over for a backyard water party! They had so fun running through the sprinklers and playing in the little pool we have.
You know it's summer once you pull the pool out ;)
We also went to a "real pool" one day with our friends. Clearfield Aquatic Center has a fun kiddie pool that's perfect size for them and a splash pad, which was fun!
Landon is always there too, but he likes to sleep a lot.
Although we did leave the kids for a weekend to take a trip to Catalina Island with my fam!
We take my Dad's boat over and got to ride on the nose most of the way, it was seriously hilarious bouncing up and down on the waves! We stayed at Hamilton Cove which was way nice! It was such a FUN trip! Boating, golfing, playing beach volleyball, swimming, shopping, eating, and sleeping!
Wasn't quite ready for it to end, although I was so ready to see my kids! Missed them like crazy!
Now we're home and soaking up some more Summer, 'cause I know it will be gone before we know it!

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