Thursday, April 11, 2013

their favorite holiday

I'm not kidding when I say Easter is my girls favorite holiday! They loved it last year and they loved it this year! Pretty sure Della has asked me every month since last Easter "when do we get to paint eggs again?" They really do love it more than Christmas! So of course the girls were ecstatic when it was finally time to color eggs again..
 ... so we colored eggs the Monday before Easter for family night and they loved every second. We thought it'd be fun to find an egg hunt they could do the Saturday before. We were able to go to Fischer Park that morning and the girls were quick enough to grab some eggs before they were all gone! Fastest egg hunt ever! Literally over in 20 seconds, but it was fun while it lasted!
The next day was Easter and the girls were so SO excited to wake up and find the eggs the Easter Bunny had hidden, as well as their baskets.
Sara's was downstairs in their little playhouse, Della's was in the dryer and Lia's was in the tub/shower. (Landon got a basket too, but his wasn't too hard to find ;) Lia was pretty excited and as much as Sara wanted to help her carry her basket, she insisted she do it herself!
After the girls had had time to look at everything in their baskets, we got them some breakfast and headed to church! We have 9:00 church, which was pretty much the only time Landon was awake all day, and luckily Ry snapped this cute picture of him on his phone.
 (I don't have many more of him on Easter besides this one)
I also tried to get one right after church while they all still looked halfway decent. After multiple tries, this was as good as it got!
Since we do have early church, we were able to lay Landon down for his nap when we got home, and it was such a nice day, so everyone played outside til it was time to go.
After lots of swinging, sandbox and scooters we headed down to Grandma Good's for some Easter dinner and an egg hunt!
The girls were pretty excited to be getting even more candy plus a little money!
 My baby boy was doing more sleeping while all the excitement was going on.
It really ended up being such a great day. Hope everyone else had a Happy Easter!

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